Curly Vs Straight? I am officially torn!

ok, so for the last few weeks, I have been doing very little to my hair. I wash, condition, twist up and throw a beanie on.. Don’t judge me. Its WINTER. LOL But now I am torn because I want to get my hair straightened but then again I don’t. Here is my dilemma:

  1. I want to get my hair straightened for the simplicity of it.
  2. I want to see how much it has grown
  3. I am attending an event this weekend and want my hair straight for it.
  4. My straight hair makes me happy
  5. I like going to the Dominicans because they get my hair very straight
  6. The Dominicans only charge me 35 bucks for my hair.
  7. I am not in the salon for 5 or more hours.

Here are my cons for getting my hair straightened.

  1. I am afraid of heat damage
  2. I also start working out this weekend and I am afraid I will sweat it out.
  3. The stylist does not like to use my products, I have to go in the bathroom and apply my heat protectant.
  4. Natural hair salons are too expensive! I think I paid 60 bucks for a braid out!

I think that I am going to get it straightened today, but then I am NOT going to straightened it again until prob the summer or fall. I want to do it only on special occasions. I feel like I am wasting a “straight day”  I need to start planning out my hairstyles more like I plan out my meals! And I also need to find a reasonably priced natural stylist so that I can stop going to the Dominicans! I love the way she gets my hair straight tho. It’s always so full and bouncy..I LOVE IT. but now that my hair is longer I LOVE when it is curly! SIGH, Whats a girl to do????? Ok I feel like I am rambling now so I will wrap this up and let you guys know what happens.

OAN, My hair is FINALLY at a length that I am happy with wearing it out, as a wash n go. I can’t wait for the summer guys! It is too cold for that now. lol



My very first braid out! Lots of pictures!

I’ll be honest, this style was not love at first sight. It really had to grow on me. On the way home, I kept looking in the mirror at myself, by the time I got home (and texted a few friends the picture) I was really kinda liking it. Since it was a very special occasion, I went to the salon to get it done. I had experienced this salon before (they had actually corrected my big chop last yr) but their location had moved. The stylist, Ms. Wanda was great. She was very patient and knowledgeable. One if the things that I really liked about her, was that she taught me about MY hair. We discussed the many different hair textures in my head and the best products. She seems to think that my hair is NOT 4C HAIR. I say, lets agree to disagree on that one. lol Here are a few pics of my first braid out! I even added a few of the way it looked the day after..BIG difference, but not too bad. LOL

What do you think?

Braids done with Miss Jessie's Curly Meringue

Braids done with Miss Jessie’s Curly Meringue


The day after.


Not too bad?

IMAG0835 IMAG0837 Finished Braidout1 IMAG0845 copy IMAG0853 copy 20121207_202628



Just a quick post about my Ponytail!!!

I dont really know what to say about my hair..I have purposely avoided it for a month. Today however, I treated it with tender love and care..I have made up my mind (for now) No more heat until 2013. ..I washed it in the shower today with the Shea Butter Shampoo that I never used and then I combed it out with my Giovanni leave in conditioner. I decided not to leave it in because I have learned that it does not play well with other products and leaves little white balls in my hair! After that I used some of the Shea Moisture Style milk and copmbed it that stuff smells good! I am happy with my length, I was actually able to put my hair in a ponytail!!! I am totally excited. Since its growing at the rate it is, I am starting to think of other styles that I maybe able to wear it in. I no longer have a TWA LADIES!!! YAY!!!

Here is a pic of my ponytail. I used some eco styler gel to lay down the edges, then I tied it down with a silk scarf. I think I am going to through on some large hoops and rock this style to church tonight! What do you ladies think? Do you have any style suggestions?





April’s Protective style..Finally..

I missed my hair sooo much these last few months but let me tell you that when it was all said and done, I became bored with it. I was tired of wearing fro’s and twist outs, which are basically the only two styles that I can do on my own. So I decided to get mini twists. After a recommendation from a Facebook friend. I booked my appointment and drove an hour from my house in search of the perfect stylist. She was great! The experience was very good, She taught me about my hair, different products and how to manage my hair type. Ladies, her name is Amina and here is her facebook fan page.

I love my mini twists! Well, they aren’t that mini but they are perfect! Also look how LONG my hair is!! I am so pleased with the length even with the shrinkage that 4C hair has. I also know the secret to moisture in my hair. SHEA BUTTER! My hair has NEVER been so soft and even a few days later they are still very moisturized. They kind of remind me of kinky twists because of the way they curl up and take the shape of my natural hair. At first I was very worried that they would be too short and look funny but turns out that I have had a good amount of growth since Nov 2010 when I first began transitioning. I love my twists, I think I may have found my staple style for the summer girls! Here are some pics, what do you think?



Mini Twists! Look at that super long twist in the back! lol

this is growth from Nov 2010 to April 2012, I am very happy. Too bad it doesnt look this long everyday. lol

Meet Bria; 8 years of 4c hair…

Since I am still holding on to my January Protective Style I figured that I would give you guys a break and talk about my daughters hair for amount. I have 3 daughters. 3 girls with 3 totally different hair textures. For the most part, I keep it pretty old school. No perms of course. They rock beads and ponytails. My middle daughter recently turned 8 yrs old. Her hair out of the 3 is the longest, and most resembles my own. Oh how I wish that I had the length that she does right now! I have grown to LOVE big coily long hair. ..But to a second grader, its not so cool. For her birthday and for the first time ever, I decided to have her hair straightened and let her wear it down. Now unfortunatly when we left the salon her hair was in plats because it rained for 2 days here in Atlanta. Before we began our mommy daughter birthday adventure I took out the plats and loved the way it looked, so her straight look went to her very first braid out…and probably her last…It didnt last a whole day until it was a poofy mess LOL..Now if it was on me, I would still rock the poofy braid out, but again in second grade..not so much So I decided to plat it back up and try the twist out again on Monday morning. I would love to hear from you ladies, how do you style your girls hair? and how long does it last for you?  How long did you wear “little girl” hair styles like ponytails or beads?

Here are the pictures, sometimes they say thousands of words…



At the Salon getting it flat ironed. Yea, she wasnt happy..


The braid out, Kept her haids in her hair ALL day


End of the day hair..I would totally rock this...


I re braided it and covered it up.

January’s Twist Out Success

Man, it feels like forever ago when I got my first protective style of this year. As you may remember, for a protective style in January I decided to get an Alicia Keys inspired hair do, with corn rows or french braids in the front leaving the back out to do whatever I desire. So for the first week I rocked the back out in a curly fro. I added some mousse to help me hold and define the curls but I think I used too much because I had alot of white stuff in my hair after a few days. Let me tell you that I love, love, LOVE this style. After a few days of being tired of the fro (kinda) I decided to do twists in the back. It was a little awkward twisting my hair because I had alot of product in it. So I washed it and I really think that I could have done a wash and go! I thought that I couldn’t do a wash and go, but the way the back of my hair looked and felt! …whoa momma! anyway, Maybe that will be my next style, for February? Anyway, here are the pictures of the twist out on the back of my hair.  I’m very satisfied. Maybe this natural thing is going work out for me after all.



Stuff that Natural Girls Say..LOL

I ran across this video while searching for the perfect protective style for March and April. I think I know where I’m going for January and February. LOL

As you probably know, Stuff that Girls say, then someone did stuff that black girls say then someone did stuff white girls say to black girls. To me, this video trumps them all, mainly because this is the only one I can really relate to. It is brought to you by SistaTV, she has quite a following on youtube so show her some love and subscribe to her channel, she has ALOT of personality! This year she proudly proclaims that she is giving herself 52 weeks to FABULOUS! Go head girl! I feel you. Anyway, here is the link to the video:


Retweet, re post and share with others. Its always good to laugh at ourselves.

What do you think of the video? Do you know naturals like this? Does this represent your journey so far? I know I have found myself saying alot of these things. HAHA!!



12 Styles a year? Maybe?

So I have been scouring the internet as usual and it seems that the consensus is to wear protective styles to retain length. So I figured, what if I try a new protective style every month for a year? well for certain styles like kinky twists or sew ins I’d probably leave in for a little longer than a month. Its just a thought. But hey its already January 2012 so the best time is probably now! right now I am trying to come up a tentative schedule that work with the Atlanta weather. For instance, I dont want to have a full sew in in the how summer and in the spring, I would love to rock a cute scarf or puff sometimes. But of course you guys know that I am so not good at coming up with styles for my natural hair so if you have some ideas or suggestions, I’d love to hear from you! 🙂