(New) Protective Style: Mini Twists (Good bye Marley Twists)

Happy Mothers Day to all of the Mommys out there! I hope that you spent the day being pampered..or at least hope that you were able to get a quiet peace filled nap! I spent a good portion of my weekend, taking down my marley twists and installing mini twists. It didnt take a very long time actually. I watched documentaries as a way to pass the time. I think they came out well. I am pleased with them. I needed a protective style that would endure my workouts and mini twists seemed to me a good option. You may remember my mini twists of 2012. I cant believe that I actually PAID someone to do them for me! smh I posted a few pics so that you can see my growth over two years.

The big difference that I notice from then and now is how my ends no longer curl up like they use to. This is probably because of the heat damage from constantly getting it straightened. 😦 PhotoGrid_1399833210240 I will save that for a later post.

check out that growth!

check out that growth!


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