I hate my Marley Twists

Hi ladies,

Yes, you read that correctly..I hate my marley twists. Before I go any further. Let me say that this is no disrespect to the wonderful woman who installed them. She is fabulous.

It’s just me..I got a little carried away with the natural hair porn. You know, Curly Nikki, Youtube..heck even Pinterest! Especially Pinterest. I saw a style that I liked and went with it. The problem is, its cute on everyone except for me. I am really having trouble styling them. They are too big and there are soooo many of them. The girl that did them put them in a bun for me but it was sooo massive I couldnt even get into the car without it touching the roof of my little hyundai!

I’m so sad, and embarrassed. I’m also angry. I spent over $100.00 for that protective style. God knows that I needed one because I’ve been wearing my hair straight faithfully since January. I don’t know what to do with my hair..or these marley twists. smh. If any of you have any ideas, suggestions, links, advice please share them.


Here are a few pics of them. After almost 2 hours of trying to get them back up in a bun I was finally able to do something with them but they still look a large hot mess to me. I am afraid to leave the house!






7 thoughts on “I hate my Marley Twists

  1. Hi Doll,
    Personally I loveeeeee them on you, have always been fascinated by Marley Twists, will try the style with my own hair in about 2 more years šŸ˜€ If you want more styles for marley twists, maybe you can google different ways to style them. Still say you look great!!!

  2. Ma’am you are gorgeous! You can do a lot with braid/twist you can do a half up half down look, twisted protective style look, French braid. I’m a Pinterest addict too if they got you into this mess they should get you out with some cut styles! I wish I had some twist to do tutorials for you. But honey you are beautiful!

  3. Girl, You beta rock them twists! They are nice! Seriously. Making the transition from straight hair to kinky twists will take some getting used to. Try wearing only part of the hair in a bun and leave the rest out. “Divide-and-conquer” styles like the previous one I mentioned or multiple ponytails/buns will help you to deal with the mass until it grows on you. Maybe go shorter and thinner next time. Good luck!!

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