Straight won! First straight style of 2013


Top Pics Taken Jan 2013
Bottom Pics Taken Aug 2012

I purposely wore the same shirt today. 😉



Hey guys, I ended up going to get it straightened, as usual she did a good job, but of course she does not understand my going natural. She kept on suggesting that I come back more often to get my hair “trained” she has said this before to me but today I told her that I that I don’t want to train my hair and I don’t want a looser curl pattern. I really put my foot down and I bet she does not say anything like that to me again lol

Anyway, going this route was soo much easier for me. I would have paid double even triple the amount going to a natural hair stylist and I probably would have been in there all the day. Today, I was in and out. I think that I have had alot of growth since my last visit. I am not sure though. She styled it a bit different and I cant tell. What do you think?


I am going to the gym tomorrow, any tips on how to maintain it?


Thanks ladies!




One thought on “Straight won! First straight style of 2013

  1. I don’t wear my hair straight really. But when I was relaxed and had growth, I would put my hair into a high bun really tight (not toooooo tight) and a silk scarf around my edges. If you want you can use a small amount of gel on your edges to help keep the sweat from puffing up your hair.

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