My very first braid out! Lots of pictures!

I’ll be honest, this style was not love at first sight. It really had to grow on me. On the way home, I kept looking in the mirror at myself, by the time I got home (and texted a few friends the picture) I was really kinda liking it. Since it was a very special occasion, I went to the salon to get it done. I had experienced this salon before (they had actually corrected my big chop last yr) but their location had moved. The stylist, Ms. Wanda was great. She was very patient and knowledgeable. One if the things that I really liked about her, was that she taught me about MY hair. We discussed the many different hair textures in my head and the best products. She seems to think that my hair is NOT 4C HAIR. I say, lets agree to disagree on that one. lol Here are a few pics of my first braid out! I even added a few of the way it looked the day after..BIG difference, but not too bad. LOL

What do you think?

Braids done with Miss Jessie's Curly Meringue

Braids done with Miss Jessie’s Curly Meringue


The day after.


Not too bad?

IMAG0835 IMAG0837 Finished Braidout1 IMAG0845 copy IMAG0853 copy 20121207_202628




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