My 1yr natural anniversary celebration! w/pictures!

Hey ladies!!!

So, my actual 1yr anniversary was November 23, but because it is smack dead in the middle of the Thanksgiving holiday I decided to actually celebrate it in the beginning of December. I had to explain to some of my non natural friends why I wanted to celebrate this. Well for starters, in the past, I have a had a big issue with starting and stopping things when either they got boring, or difficult. Needless to say, it is ONLY by the grace of God AND the love and support of my husband that I was able to meet my one year goal. It was  a very trying year. I spent many days crying in the bathroom due to the noncompliance of my natural hair. But there has been some success too. I am very pleased with my length. I can now put my hair in a ponytail! (Which is another reason why I have not been posting very often) Although I am still learning, I think it is safe to say that I have learned which products do not work in my hair and along the way I may have even learned how to do a few cute styles. 🙂

I really wanted this to be a small, intimate and personal event so my dear husband designed the invites and we sent them to some of my closest friends. Some are natural and some are not.  I took a page from the book of Oprah and put together goodie bags full of my favorite things; stylish earrings, my favorite nail polish brand and color, a satin hair bonnet and Hair product samples, from Miss Jessies, Jane Carter Solutions and more.

It was such a great event casual attire, great food, fellowship and we discussed life and hair! It was refreshing to be able to encourage and uplift each other, and share tips and tricks. I really enjoyed myself and the look of the women when they looked in their goodie bags was priceless! I would love to start arranging these for others who want to celebrate as well. It was such a great experience.

Here are some of the pics! Please comment. 🙂 I get alot of views on my blog, but no one seems to comment. 😦

Designed by my husbands company

Designed by my husbands company

I am super happy!

I am super happy!

Great Drinks!

Great Drinks!

20121207_221215 20121207_205119 20121207_202628 20121207_201506 20121207_201440 Kelly hair bag



3 thoughts on “My 1yr natural anniversary celebration! w/pictures!

  1. Hey Girl,

    Love your blog and no worries, I am a commenter, hehehehe.

    That is a fantastic idea, my 2 year anniversary is next year in February and I think I will do the same, I absolutely love your idea!!!!

    If you have any tips for me, please let me know!!!!

    Keep posting girl cause we are reading away!!!

    Your hair is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! & Happy Hairversary!!!!!


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