Revisiting The twist out part 1

Today, I decided to give my hair some much-needed TLC and actually try a style. I decided I would do a twist out since its been forever since I did one. I finally tried the LOC method..I hope I can tell a difference. I also tried a few different things as far as product and techniques. For products, I washed my hair using a sample I received of the Treseme shampoo. I’m not it did get my hair clean. I had alot of buildup from the eco styler get I used for my ponytail the night before. I think I need to find an alternative to the eco styler gel. I am finding that it leaves ALOT of residue in my hair. I gave myself an awesome deep condition with my giovanni products. Instead of using it as a leave-in like I normally do. I used it to detangle my hair. It worked greatly and I didn’t have nearly as much shedding as the night before. In my hair, Giovanni products don’t play well with other products, and I have had too times a hair style is botched because of the little while balls of product that it leaves behind. So I used the Shea Moisture Curling smoothie, Moroccan Argon oil and Lottabody setting lotion. 12 hours later, my hair is a little damp in certain places and the twists feel soft and springy,like a sponge. I don’t know if this is a good thing or not.

I am still deciding whether I will take down my twists tomorrow and rock a twist out or do I want to wear them a little longer.
What do you think? Here are some pictures.



My hair, conditioned and detangled..check out that length!! yes!   


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