False bravery, random curls and youtube bingeing..

Hey guys,

Wow! Who can believe its almost the end of summer all ready! Where did the time go?? You probably already guessed it. I have been super busy. Between being a wife, a mom of 5 and a business owner, I have barely had anytime for myself..and that includes my hair. Remember back in June, I went to the west coast and so I got my hair straightened before I left. I really like it and was happy (and surprised) with my  growth. Unfortunately, that hair style never made it to the LA! By the time I got to LAX, my hair was beginning to revert..

Back to now. Its August and I recently celebrated a birthday. So in honor of that (and me being tired of hiding my hair under wigs) I decided to once again visit my good friend Somi at the Domincan Hair Salon. I really really loved the style, the length and the freedom of running my hands through my hair..but that smooth sliky look and feel was short lived as well. But it didnt matter, it was still straight, natural and easy to manage..or not. After a few days it was becoming “bushy” not fully reverting (I could easily run a comb through it) and big. I didnt put ANY products on it besides oil, but it was still really big and bushy. I didnt know what to do. I wasnt ready to let go of my “straight” just yet, but I couldnt walk around looking like this guy..


So, I binged on Natural Hair Youtube videos until late hours and then I got brave enough to try out a style.
My theory: I loved the fact that my hair was long, and I loved the look of the twist out (its pretty much the only style that I can do) So I thought, “Yes! Thats what I’ll do, a dry twist out on my straight hair!” and so the task began. One of the reasons I hadnt put any products in my hair was because I didnt know what to use, all of products I have were bought based on “curls” I didnt know if they would work.

I began in the back. I used the shea moisture curl milk and then I remembered that I had a sample pack of twist and lock gel from a hair show that I attended. The first one I did unraveled, so I folded the bottom and put a rubber band on it. It stayed but the twist was not very tight at all so I turned it into a bantu knot. Now let me give you guys a little background on me, back when some of you were little, you probably loved to comb your dolls hair..not me. I was never into that and 20 years later here I am suffering the consequences. I cannot braid to save the LIFE of me! I can barely even part straight, seriously it takes me FOREVER! In case you havent figured it out, I suck at hair. So me deciding to do this was just insane.

I feel like I am ranting now so I will spare you the details..I wasnt confident in the products that I was using and my own styling skills, so my hair had some of everything by the time I was done, Bantu knots, twists I even used a roller on a piece just to see what would happen. mid way through I was REALLY starting to regret even touching my hair and so I didnt anymore, I left the front as it was, I put on my satin bonnet and said a prayer.

The results, and what I’ve learned..

Currently, I have about 5 different types of curls or something going on in my head. I have a few springy curls from the bantu knots, a few wavy twists from the twists I did, and then there is that random piece that I rolled up with the roller. lol that one is actually the one that I like the most. As for the front part that I chickened out/came to reality on? I just flat ironed it and pent up my random “curls” in the back..


What do you think?

What I learned, is that a curl is not a curl..this shea moisture stuff works pretty good and that maybe some day, I will get better when it comes to hair..what do you ladies think? I would live to hear your comments!




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