April’s Protective style..Finally..

I missed my hair sooo much these last few months but let me tell you that when it was all said and done, I became bored with it. I was tired of wearing fro’s and twist outs, which are basically the only two styles that I can do on my own. So I decided to get mini twists. After a recommendation from a Facebook friend. I booked my appointment and drove an hour from my house in search of the perfect stylist. She was great! The experience was very good, She taught me about my hair, different products and how to manage my hair type. Ladies, her name is Amina and here is her facebook fan page.

I love my mini twists! Well, they aren’t that mini but they are perfect! Also look how LONG my hair is!! I am so pleased with the length even with the shrinkage that 4C hair has. I also know the secret to moisture in my hair. SHEA BUTTER! My hair has NEVER been so soft and even a few days later they are still very moisturized. They kind of remind me of kinky twists because of the way they curl up and take the shape of my natural hair. At first I was very worried that they would be too short and look funny but turns out that I have had a good amount of growth since Nov 2010 when I first began transitioning. I love my twists, I think I may have found my staple style for the summer girls! Here are some pics, what do you think?



Mini Twists! Look at that super long twist in the back! lol

this is growth from Nov 2010 to April 2012, I am very happy. Too bad it doesnt look this long everyday. lol


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