I think that I’m missing my hair…maybe?

So, its March already?? Wow where did the time go…
The last few months my hair has been in a protective state of some kind. February my hair is simply corn rolled or french braided straight back. I went out and bought two cute wigs, one long, one short. Everynow and then I will wear one if my beanies and expose a few of the braids in the front. I sometimes hate the braids to the back..they make me look very boyish..like cleo from set it off. Lol 😦 I have been wondering how long I can keep this up…I’m starting to miss my hair! I know that there is a chance that I will regret taking my braids down right now but I just want to touch it. The problem with my hair right now as it stands is simply the length. Since I transitioned for a year when I did my BC, I never had a Twa. So its still at that awkward stage and that’s what I hate. Meanwhile its already March so I need to be thinking about my next protective style. Wow, still can’t believe that its already #3. Yay! My goal is that by the summer, I will have a little more length to play with. Hopefully the sides will come past my ears and I will feel more comfortable wearing certain styles.




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