February’s Protective Hair style..

I made the mistake of going through some files on my computer and ran across a few photo’s of me with my long, straight, relaxed hair. It instantly stirred up emotions with in me and I was left with the thought of missing my hair. I dont think its the straightness that I miss, but rather the length. Before my transition I easily had attained BSL or bra strap length. I would love to wear my naturally curly hair long big and puffy like my 8 yr old daughter, Bria’s hair but of course its going to take some time for it to grow out. Meanwhile, I am finding myself often missing the length, and ever so often the versatility of having relaxed hair. This leads me to my second choice of the year for protective styling my hair…remember my 12 natural hair styles a year post?


So for February I went to my girl Keke and got straight cornrows to the back, and got myself a wig! In fact I bought 2. One long and one short! I love the versatilty of being able to tuck my ends and chill at home and when I get ready to leave just put it on…Love it! why didnt I think of this before?!


Anyway here are the pics..

Its funny how my ends naturally curled up once they were braided


I am really liking this so far. Feb maybe off to a great start.






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