Natural Girls Rock 2012 – Atlanta

Sorry for the delay ladies, its been a busy week. For those of you that dont know, I balance work as a screenwriter/filmmaker, 5 kids and a husband! …Any way last week I had the pleasure of attending this years Natural girls Rock event in Atlanta. The venue was nice, however I hate going to places where you have to pay extra just to sit down. To be honest I met very few people,  which is very much unlike me and not at all what I was expecting. I just thought natural women would be different. In my head I pictured women of all hair types kindly admiring, complimenting and encouraging each others natural was NOTHING like that. The women were snooty, and self centered (i tried to make small talk with a girl about her color and was given the duh look) the vendors where ghetto and unprepared. I was so excited when I saw a few of my fav hair care products had booths set up. I didnt end up buying anything because they were SOOO unfamilar with not only their products, but even the prices! There even was a salon there, that I wont mention the name but the..well I dont know who they were not sure if they were stylists or models or what. but anyway they were dressed horribly, tight corsets and heavy drag queen make up. They looked like trannies! I was encouraged to go up to the second floor where they were giving some type of consultations…let me say it was a hot mess..really the only good thing about it in my opinion was the meatballs. Now they were on point!








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