Corrected Big Chop

Sorry for the delay. alot has been going on. 🙂

As you may know I “supposedly” got the BC last month, but as I began to style my hair I just felt like something was not right. My twists always came out looking a hot mess..and my puffs just were not puffy enough. So I decided to go a different natural hair salon in my area of Gwinnett County. (Georgia) I booked my appt with a young lady named Christian (I think) She was very nice and seemed to be knowledgeable about natural hair. I was a little turned off because she was rocking a full head of weave but  I shared with her my concerns about my straight ends anyway.

Upon first inspection of my dry tightly coiled hair, she said that my hair was 100 % natural, however as she began to wet it she could see what I was dealing with. This leads me to my latest post and pics about my second BIG CHOP almost a month apart. *SIGH*

I must say that I dont know how I feel about this length yet.What do you think? Can you tell a big difference? Here are pics from the first one and the most recent one.

DEC 11


NOV 11


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