Strep Throat…Set Back




Remember that “head cold” that I caught a few days ago?? Well, it actually turned out to be Strep Throat (Ouch!) After a fever of 103 and a night in the hospital, my experiments are on hold for right now…sorta..underneath my satin bonnet I am secretly hiding a few twists that I snuck and did while my hubby went to get my antibiotics from the pharmacy..after my baggying experiment I promised I would lay off the experiments for a while. its been a few days now, once I am 100 percent, I will try something else. Oddly though, I have noticed that my hair doesnt feel dry hard or matted underneath the satin bonnet, and I only put olive oil and Giovanni leave in in it. ..Weird right? 🙂

Well the meds are kicking to sleep I go..




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