The Quest for Moisture

So, its took me a few days but after tons of searching the net, and praying.. I have accepted the fact that the natural hair that God has given me is a 4C hair type.  :sigh: The air tight coils, the spring back action, the cottony soft edges and of course…The desert like dryness. Its so funny how I NEVER thought about moisture when my hair was the quest for moisture haunts me through out the day. My husband (who has been SUPER supportive, God bless his heart) told me yesterday that I was becoming obsessed with my hair…Maybe I am, but this insanity isn’t long term. There is a reason that God gave me this naturally 4c hair and the more I learn how to properly take care of it. The more I will learn to love it.

Tonights Experiement: 

Today I rocked a cute little fro – I actually like it. Although it was a result of a twist out gone bad two days ago,  today I made it look cute Dry, but cute from far away. Tonight I am trying something new. I put a handful (maybe 2) of the V05 Moisture Milk in my hair and added a shower cap along with my satin Bonnet. I am praying for moisture in the morning!

Products Used: VO5 Moisture Milk Passion Fruit Smoothie

Please excuse the glare in my glasses


I will have more pics and results tomorrow.




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