Length goals, and a change in curl pattern?!

Its been way too long. Too long since I last posted something, and too long since I’ve spent some time loving on my curls/coils/springs of beautiful hair. Its funny 3 years ago, my hair and beautiful would have never made … Continue reading

(New) Protective Style: Mini Twists (Good bye Marley Twists)

Happy Mothers Day to all of the Mommys out there! I hope that you spent the day being pampered..or at least hope that you were able to get a quiet peace filled nap! I spent a good portion of my weekend, taking down my marley twists and installing mini twists. It didnt take a very long time actually. I watched documentaries as a way to pass the time. I think they came out well. I am pleased with them. I needed a protective style that would endure my workouts and mini twists seemed to me a good option. You may remember my mini twists of 2012. I cant believe that I actually PAID someone to do them for me! smh I posted a few pics so that you can see my growth over two years.

The big difference that I notice from then and now is how my ends no longer curl up like they use to. This is probably because of the heat damage from constantly getting it straightened. ๐Ÿ˜ฆย PhotoGrid_1399833210240 I will save that for a later post.

check out that growth!

check out that growth!

I hate my Marley Twists

Hi ladies,

Yes, you read that correctly..I hate my marley twists. Before I go any further. Let me say that this is no disrespect to the wonderful woman who installed them. She is fabulous.

It’s just me..I got a little carried away with the natural hair porn. You know, Curly Nikki, Youtube..heck even Pinterest! Especially Pinterest. I saw a style that I liked and went with it. The problem is, its cute on everyone except for me. I am really having trouble styling them. They are too big and there are soooo many of them. The girl that did them put them in a bun for me but it was sooo massive I couldnt even get into the car without it touching the roof of my little hyundai!

I’m so sad, and embarrassed. I’m also angry. I spent over $100.00 for that protective style. God knows that I needed one because I’ve been wearing my hair straight faithfully since January. I don’t know what to do with my hair..or these marley twists. smh. If any of you have any ideas, suggestions, links, advice please share them.


Here are a few pics of them. After almost 2 hours of trying to get them back up in a bun I was finally able to do something with them but they still look a large hot mess to me. I am afraid to leave the house!





Remember my daughter Bria? She’s 10 now!

As many of you may know, I am the proud mother of 5 awesome kiddos. I have 2 handsome boys and I have 3 beautiful girls. All 3 of my daughters have hair down their backs. Its unfortunate that I don’t know how to braid. My oldest daughter is now a middle schooler so we made the transition from her wearing ponytails and barrettes to a more big girl look. She now wears her hair straightened. I don’t do much to her hair except for the occasional flat iron in the morning. She learned how to wrap it up at night. Thanks to watching a million youtube videos on how to do it. She had been doing a good job maintaining her straight hair and once a month, I take her to the dominican salon for a wash, deep conditioning and a blow out.

But today’s post isn’t about my oldest daughter. It’s about my middle daughter Bria. You remember Bria right? If not, I blogged about her 4c hair and her first experience getting it straightened for her 8th birthday. See blog post here. I cannot believe that it has been 2 years..wow. ย Bria turned 10 this week and soon she, like her older sister will be transitioning to more big girl hair styles. To celebrate her turning the big 10 she wanted to get her hair straightened. The first time she did not do so well, by the end of the day her hair was a semi poofy mess. This time around was much different. The first time we went to a um..well..let me see how to put this delicately..um..a sistah salon. No offense out there to black stylist or salon owners but it wasn’t the best experience and it was extremely expensive..I mean seriously I could have gotten my hair done 3 times for the price that she charged me.

This time I took her to the dominican salon that I go to. Since my girl Somi doesn’t work on monday, another lady did it. She was really good and made sure that Bria was comfortable and that her hair was straightened. I am very pleased with the outcome.

Not sure if she is going to keep wearing her hair straightened for now but we will see. I am not certain that I want to let go of the braids, beads and barrettes for her just yet.

Here are the pictures. I’d love to hear from you ladies.

Bria 2014



Happy New Year 2014

This a quick post..

Happy New year all. So I still have not worked out a hair plan yet for this year..it seems like the longer my hair gets, the harder it is for me to style and the longer it takes.

Sigh, here is a quick picture of how I wore it today..

My wash and go..


What the heck am I going to do with my hair next year???

As my 2 year natural hair anniversary approaches (actually I am pretty sure that the actual day has come and gone) I find myself being tired of my hair.

Anyone ever felt like this?

Now don’t get me wrong..I still love my hair (today), I don’t hate the texture or anything like that I am just tired of it. As of now I am at a loss for styles. 2013 was the year that my hair attained a decent length for me..Even with 4c shrinkage I was content. I cannot even tell you the last time that I had a twist out. Since I FINALLY found a product that I like. (Jane Carter Solutions Curl Defining Cream) I rocked a lot of wash n go’s this year and I love them! I really feel the need to go into protective styling but I have no idea which one. I am thinking of getting a sew in but I am deathly afraid of losing my edges. What ever it is..no more heat for a while for me..Maybe 2014 will be the year of protective styling..

Any tips on how to have a successful sew in? maintenance tips? Hair Selection?? I’d love to hear from you ladies. Help a girl out!



A long over due recap: My summer of WNG, turning 31 and much more

I’m sorry guys. I haven’t been blogging. I’ve had ideas in my head but they haven’t quite made it to the blog. I’m going to do better. I promise. ๐Ÿ™‚ You may already know that I’m a writer and I’ve been blessed to pick up twice the amount of clients that I had last year. God is good and faithful!

Since my last post I’ve pretty much been rocking my wash and go’s. Its summer, I’m on the move a lot and its super easy. I am so in love with Jane Carter Solutions curl defining cream right now! It truly perfects my wash and goes. I have also added in an extra step. I add a little hairspray in to hold the curls that JC defines.

This has been the summer of wash and go for me!

Here is a picture.

I turned 31 a while ago. My bestie came down to visit me. She’s a stylist who is also natural but she NEVER wears her hair out naturally. She stopped getting perms when we were in high school. Anyway she came and gave me a quick bday hair due. I loved it!

Sorry this picture isnt the best, but you get the idea. ๐Ÿ™‚

Here is a picture:

You guys know that I rock my hair styles for as long as humanly possible. Today I am taking it down and going to get my hair straightened. Yes, I’m going back to the Dominicans for a blow out. That would probably make it my 3rd time this year. As opposed to the once or twice last year. Remember my year of protective styling in 2012? I did almost the complete opposite this year but I think I will try that again beginning January 2014. We’ll see.

I plan on having another natural hair event this year also. More details on that to come. But I will say that I want it to be bigger and better than ever before. I better start planning that now huh?

Anyway this post was intended to be a short recap but I feel like I am rambling now so I am going to wrap this up and start taking down my hair. What have you guys been up to with your hair this summer? Any hair styles planned for the fall? As always I would love to hear from you so leave a comment in the space below.

Also ladies, for those of you with blogs, I would love to be able to link to it so let me know! ๐Ÿ™‚